Toothpaste & Shaving Cream Manufacturing Plant

The shaving cream & Toothpaste manufacturing plant is designed as per CGMP and FDA guidelines. It is a contra mixer with two motors for preparations of foaming products like toothpaste, shaving creams etc. It is perforated anchor agitator for better mixing. The vessels are provided with jacket for heating/ cooling operations. The main vessel is vacuum rated and provided connections for proper addition, hopper for powder addition, a light glass and a slight glass. The anchor is provided with a dry mechanical seal and the homogenizer is provided with a double cartridge mechanical seal with water cooling system. A VFD is provided with both agitator and the homogenizer. Safety interlocks to prevent the anchor and homogenizer. The gaskets are food grade silicon, conforming to GMP guidelines. Central control panel for controlling all the processes. A stainless-steel working platform is provided for the length of the plant for easy access.

The vessels are compiled to CGMP norms. The plant is available from 100-3000kgs. Also provide load cells with control unit of the main manufacturing vessel, the PLC based panel with touch screen MMI and menu options and inline homogenizer in place of bottom entry homogenizer as optional features.

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